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Retaining walls are incredibly complex, yet functional structures. While the main use of retaining walls are to prevent erosion and improve drainage, there are several other ways retaining walls are used for. Retention walls are used to flatten unwanted slopes so water and soil does not flow downward. Because retention walls are flat, it makes the ground easier to walk on rather than walking up a slope or hilly area.

Retaining Walls are also used to prevent drainage and the flow of water in certain areas. Many towns, cities, and states have regulations when it comes to building walls for drainage reasons. Erosion is also a common purpose for installing retention walls. Holding back water and soil is important to prevent ground levels from shifting. These also require certain permits with your state, town, or city.

Let us build your retaining wall today! Our team at Tapia Landscaping Services will work closely with you to make sure your retaining walls meet your regulations, have the correct permits, and look stylish (of course)! With a well-built retaining wall, we will leave your yard in beautiful shape that will require little to no maintenance in the future!

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